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KAPOLEI, HI. May 17, 2012 - Oahu Express, LTD today issues the following statement from Vice President Dean Capelouto. 


Oahu Express has consistently taken the position that Federal and State government legislation

has no business controlling free market economies, because when they do, they are never successful
in acting in a manner fair and equal to all parties, usually result in fraud, waste, and abuse, which
ultimately results in the consumer paying more than is necessary for goods and services. Companies
need to be able to compete on equal terms. It is a simple concept - those that have the best services
and goods for the price - should succeed, and those that don’t - should fail.


Government should never be in the business of propping up a monopoly (or showing favoritism over

one company to another). We believe all companies need to compete on a fair footing on the merits
of the goods and services that they provide. If they can’t compete on a equal basis, then they clearly
don’t belong there providing goods and services to consumers in the first place.


The Jones Act has effectively resulted in a establishing a semi-monopoly of goods and services

brought into the state of Hawaii. As a local Hawaiian company we find that the  attitude of support
of the Jones Act from other corporations who do business in Hawaii to be despicable and extremely
hurtful to Hawaii businesses consumers.


Until the Jones act is reformed or removed all together, Hawaii’s (and Alaska’s and Puerto Rico’s)

economies will NEVER reach their full potential.  It prevents Hawaii and those affected by influence
from prospering and participating in the world economy – unlike many other states.
All it takes is looking at Singapore - which is a similar island country/state to see what the true
potential of Hawaii could be if politicians could remove their hands from the cookie jar, and stop
accepting kickbacks and political donations from those corporations intent on maintaining a 
monopoly which hurts local Hawaii businesses, Hawaii consumers and families. We project that
abolishing the Jones Act would result in a 30% reduction on most goods imported into Hawaii.
Opening up Kalaeloa Harbor to trade and making the industrial park a "free trade zone" could boost
our local economy in terms of billions of dollars, but instead our local government would rather continue
to burden our local taxpayers and businesses, instead of reap the benefits of free trade, and become
doorway to the Pacific - and conduit between North America and Asia.
The idea that this is a security issue or concern is nonsense. The "mission" of the Navy is to protect
and secure free trade and commerce on the high seas. The "mission" of the Coast Guard is to protect
our homeland. To say that they cannot "handle" this job - is an insult to anyone who has ever served
and knows the "true capability" our countries military services. Any monies required to make this
happen would "NOT" be coming out of local economy, but out of the Federal pot of money, because this
is "primarily" a Federal mandate (homeland security).